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Experience a better way.

Life is full of uncertainty but buying or selling real estate doesn’t have to be chaotic. 

Better, Less Stressful

Vōhme presents a better, less stressful way to sell and buy property.
It is an exciting time when selling and buying. Vōhme wants you have joy when you make a change in your real estate portfolio. Whether it be your home or a real estate investment, Vōhme is here to help you.

Sellers prepared. Buyers prepared. Transparency from the get-go. Then they everyone can proceed to moving day with confidence. It’s that easy.

The Vōhme Way provides confidence and transparency from the get-go. Sellers and buyers know exactly what they are negotiated on. There are no surprises getting in the way of the scheduled closing/moving day.


You choose a marketing and property prep package to suit your unique situation.

We provide a property market analysis to help you know the potential sales price.

We schedule property inspections and reports, so you know what you are selling and to help encourage buyers’ confidence in making offers. 


By doing things up front we eliminate finding out issues later and having to renegotiate your sale or having it fall through and start all over.

We coordinate a survey and title commitment so there are no problems arising during your contract phase. We make sure your property is ready with staging, professional photography, videos, and virtual tours.


When your property goes on the market you choose one of two options.

You choose an Open Offer Sale or a Timed Sale.

In a Timed Sale you choose the day you want to close. The only item left to negotiate is the price. In an Open Offer Sale you receive offers on two things, price and closing day.


We customize a showing schedule to fit your lifestyle. No impromptu showings.

All buyers will be pre-approved and ready to buy through our Vōhme buyer portal.

Offers will be simply on price, or price and closing day. And the offers will not have  contingencies. Once under contract you will be able to proceed to closing day.

Seller picks a day for closing and a day no more offers will be accepted. Seller and buyer negotiate just one thing, price. All parties have property reports and know the closing day, before any offer is made. All buyers are pre-approved. A PURCHASE NOW price and closing day is displayed  to go with the sellers posted closing day is an option for the buyer. If so selected, no more offers will be entertained.

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Experience a better way.