Buyer Step 5

Sign all purchase documents and deposit your earnest money. Then proceed to closing.

Buyer Step 4

Make non-contingent online offers for properties being sold as Open Offer Sale or as Timed Sale. They may also have a Purchase Now option.

Buyer Step 3

Schedule a property tour. All open house schedules are posted for you to choose a time that works best for you.

Buyer Step 2

Start searching for your home at
Review online property reports.
home inspections, surveys, environmental inspections, title report, and more.

Buyer Step 1

Register with Vōhme and become fully approved to purchase.

You can register with Vōhme as a Subscriber Member for free. Or you can become a Premium Member for $8 /month.

Proceed to GET APPROVED form to start your process of being fully approved to purchase. You have the option to get approved through paying cash, through Vreoa, or through a lender of your choice.

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