Buyer Step 5

Sign all purchase documents and deposit your earnest money. Then proceed to closing.

Buyer Step 4

Make non-contingent online offers for properties being sold as Open Offer Sale or as Timed Sale. They may also have a Purchase Now option.

Buyer Step 3

Schedule a property tour. All open house schedules are posted for you to choose a time that works best for you.

Buyer Step 2

Start searching for your home at
Review online property reports.
home inspections, surveys, environmental inspections, title report, and more.

Buyer Step 1

Register with Vōhme and become fully approved to purchase.

You can register with Vōhme as a Subscriber Member for free. Or you can become a Premium Member for $8 /month.

Proceed to GET APPROVED form to start your process of being fully approved to purchase. You have the option to get approved through paying cash, through Vreoa, or through a lender of your choice.

Seller Step 4

Once an offer has been consummated you can now proceed to closing. Your buyer has deposited 10% of the agreed upon purchase price and there are no contingencies.

Seller Step 3

You are now in position to receive online non-contingent offers on either price (Timed Sale) or price and closing day (Open Offer Sale). In an Open Offer Sale you can accept or reject your offers. And if you have posted a Purchase Now Price, in either an Open Offer Sale or Timed Sale, the sale is stopped if the buyer chooses your price.

Seller Step 2

Your home goes live on the market.

Presented on local and national real estate portals.

Showings available to only fully approved buyers and only during your designated open house schedule.

Approved buyers can make online offers.

Seller Step 1

Choose a Vōhme Broker & purchase a Property Prep/Marketing Package.

Pick from five plans ranging from $3,970 to $29,970.

Choose between an Open Offer Sale or a Timed Sale
home inspections, surveys, photography, marketing, and more

V Changes

Experience a better way. Life is full of uncertainty but buying or selling real estate doesn’t have to be chaotic.  Better, Less Stressful Vōhme presents a better, less stressful way to sell and buy property.It is an exciting time when selling and buying. Vōhme wants you have joy when you make a change in your real estate […]

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Experience a better way.