V Changes

Experience a better way. Life is full of uncertainty but buying or selling real estate doesn’t have to be chaotic.  Better, Less Stressful Vōhme presents a better, less stressful way to sell and buy property.It is an exciting time when selling and buying. Vōhme wants you have joy when you make a change in your real estate […]

Vōhme Member Brokers

Vōhme Member Brokers Be the first to know when we start accepting applications for Vōhme Member Brokers.  We are a model for Employing Brokers and Individual Independent Broker licensing levels. Our goal is for Vōhme to help you shape a sustainable real estate career and lifestyle. 

Vōhme Pricing

Vōhme Pricing. The Vōhme pricing model has two parts. Vōhme pricing is a seller centric model. Vōhme pricing does not add an additional fee for the buyer to pay their buyer broker. The Vōhme Way takes into account your time and your lifestyle. Our non-contingent selling method reduces significantly the chances of a sale falling […]

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Experience a better way.